808 Club

Pattaya's best hiphop club.

Publish Date: 07 February 2020

At a glance: Hiphop and house music are the name of the game at this nightclub perched above Pattaya’s Walking Street.

How it looks: Take the escalator up a floor from the street and you’ll enter a mirror-lined corridor that’s as gaudy as they come. There’s an outdoor lounge, but most of the action is in the cavernous club with its circular bar at the centre surrounded by various tiers of seating. There’s quite a laser and light show.

What you dance to: Depending on the night, DJs pump out of-the-moment gangster rap and energetic dance music, often joined by twerking ladies on stage. International guests drop by from time to time, including The Prodigy’s Leeroy Thornhill and Aussie EDM duo Mashd N Kutcher, to name just a couple.

When to go: Things only really get moving after midnight, so you’re better off chilling at the downstairs Candy Shop (same owners) before then.

Drink this: Come in a group and you’ll probably want to order a bottle of something potent to go with some mixers (check for promos), as is the usual Thai clubbing style. They’ve also got shisha. On certain nights staff may prowl the dancefloor with oversized bottles of Belvedere vodka to pour down the throats of hardcore revellers.


Walking St., Pattaya

Tel: +6681-175-6031

Open daily 8pm-4am