Candy Shop

Live music and people-watching on Walking Street.

Publish Date: 07 February 2020

At a glance: A nightclub on Pattaya Walking Street that’s prime for people-watching.

How it looks: The sister club to Lucifer Disko and 808 Club stands out for its candy shop theme (those neon lollipops) and its open-fronted patio area that lets passersby have a good look inside and, by the same token, lets punters watch the seemingly endless Walking Street crowd. There's a sizeable stage inside.

What you dance to: Live bands take the stage from 9pm to play a mix of R&B, funk and soul. Expect plenty of club bangers from DJs.

When to go: Candy Shop is a good spot for a few early drinks in the open air before the likes of upstairs' 808 Club really swing into gear.

Drink this: As with many spots on the party strip, we’d play it easy with local beers or simple mixed drinks.

Walking St., Pattaya

Tel: +6695-551-2004

Open daily 8pm-3am