Naklua Fish Market

Where to find the freshest catches in Pattaya.

Publish Date: 07 February 2020

Go local with a visit to this fresh market, located just to the north of central Pattaya, where you can find a veritable mountain of seafood at prices that won’t drain your wallet.

The produce here is as fresh as it comes, with local fishermen coming to sell their catch of the day from the early morning. The fun lies in picking out your seafood from various stalls and then having it cooked at the stations outside. Expect a hefty selection of fresh and live seafood, from prawns, cockles, scallops and squid to all manner of fish and oysters, at prices that may be half of what you find in the supermarkets.

Grab some plastic chairs or rent a mat and wait as vendors steam, boil or grill your selections to perfection. You’ll also find fresh vegetables, fruit, snacks and other items on sale.

Fun fact: The name Naklua means “salt farm,” a nod to the area’s old salt farming industry.

3.9km from Siam@Siam Pattaya

Pattaya-Naklua Rd.

Open daily 5am-6pm