Nightclubs don't get bigger in Pattaya.

Publish Date: 07 February 2020

At a glance: One of Pattaya’s oldest nightclubs is a hit with the locals. Toto, we’re not on Walking Street anymore.

How it looks: In a word, BIG. Apart from sheer size, what stands out about Hollywood is the next-level light and sound systems which will set your head spinning. The tables are crammed together, which is not exactly conducive to dancing, but it does give you an excuse to clink glasses with your neighbours! There are also private karaoke rooms should you be that way inclined.

What you dance to: Dancing is a bit of a stretch, but the big stage hosts everything from live pop-rock brands (playing covers of Thai, Korean and English hits) to techno DJs.

When to go: The earlier the better, if you want to claim one of the “best” tables. Note that there’s an entrance fee, though your THB500 does get you two drinks

Drink this: Like Differ and other Thai-style clubs, as a group you’ll get the best value for money by ordering a bottle of liquor with mixers. Fair to say, the drinks here are… not the cheapest in town.

78/107 Moo 7, Phettrakul Rd.

Tel: +6681-330-7504

Open daily 10pm-5am